Here are exclusive photos of iconic Monroe that you haven’t ever seen before

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It should be mentioned that the following archival photos of the iconic and legendary film star were always kept in secret by her close and devoted friend F. Hull who, misfortunately, passed away in 2014.

After Frida’s death, Monroe’s archival photos and belongings immediately went up for auction. The new owner of the exclusive photos of Marilyn became Tony Michael, a friend of late Frida.

Later, it turned out that the femininity icon of our time was in a delicate position in these photos.

It goes without saying that probably every woman’s cherished dream is to feel the delights of motherhood, whereas Monroe’s fate had prepared another thing for her. She, misfortunately, had lost her baby and had to cope with the difficulties and depression completely on her own.

As Frida mentioned, the father of her baby was Yves Montand.

It is relevant to add that in these heartwarming pictures the legendary star was 34 years old.

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