Ariel Winter just dropped $227 on takeout. The “Modern Family” actress continues, however, to brave the grocery stories amid COVID-19, finding herself snapped by the paparazzi on Friday as she hit up a food store in L.A. Ariel, 22, has already made headlines amid the global pandemic for her bare-legged grocery runs, with the end of March seeing the sitcom star fully equipped to protect herself against coronavirus as she donned a face mask and vinyl gloves

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Ariel’s latest street photos showed her in a red-and-black respirator mask. They also showed the slimmed-down beauty flashing her killer legs.

Keep scrolling for the snaps, plus Ariel’s stunning Instagram photos. Images obtained by The Daily Mail this weekend showed the actress looking low-key and very summery as she battled near-90-degree heat in Los Angeles.

Ariel was photographed in a grocery store parking lot and pushing a cart with six bags as she flaunted the 30 pounds she’s dropped – the strawberry-blonde-haired beauty wore an oversized black “Star Wars” tee with UGG boots, plus her mask and blue vinyl gloves. The finish was makeup-free, although Ariel did have her face mostly covered.


Ariel has been staying relatively quiet on Instagram amid the global pandemic, but outings have been logged, with Ariel dropping a sweet $227 on Katsuya takeout on Friday as she grabbed food for herself and boyfriend Luke Benward. Behind the four walls of her home, Ariel has also been busy in the kitchen, sharing the mouth-watering ham hock pie she baked for her boo – an image shared by the ABC face showed tasty crust, peas, corn, and flecks of ham amid a juicy sauce.

Ariel fronted media outlets in January 2019 for dropping 30 pounds after switching anti-depressants. A high-profile storm ensued as the actress saw a troll accuse her of being on drugs to shed the weight – Ariel’s recent Teen Vogue interview saw her revisit the drama.

“A lot of people commented on my post like, ‘No, she changed her antidepressant because she wanted to lose weight,’” she said, adding: “No! I thought every medication I was on, I was going to stay at that weight, and that was fine. It had nothing to do with that.”

“People on the internet really suck. It bothered me for so many years — I mean, it still does. It never goes away. When someone calls you a ‘fat sl-t,’ you’re not feeling happy about it. It doesn’t matter what you look like now, it doesn’t matter what you looked like then,” Ariel continued, adding: “You’re still going to read that and be like, ‘Oh, that sucks,’” Winter continued.

Ariel faced backlash amid 11 years of “Modern Family” wrapping up as she attended a series bash in a see-through and underwear-style dress. The slammed look quickly saw 29-year-old co-star Sarah Hyland defend Ariel.