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Salma Hayek was ahead of spring by sharing a photo in which she flaunts her figure dressed in a skimpy turquoise blue outfit.

She went to her Instagram account to indulge her millions of fans with a photo in which she appears swimming in her luxurious pool, surrounded by greenery and under a dazzling sun.

The Mexican actress posed for the camera swimming upside down dressed in a back-strapped bra and a low-waisted biкini with bows on the sides of her; Both garments helped to highlight her worked curves.

“#TBT” she wrote under her caption, which received more than 350,000 likes and thousands of comments from her fans who were impressed by the views the postcard offered.

“Perfection in every way”, “Goddess”, “We love you”, “You are beautiful, queen”, were some of the comments he received.

This was one of the last biкini photos that she has shared in recent days.

She recently shared photos of herself enjoying the sea in little outfits, going on a boat through the sea and even scuba diving in some luxury destination that she frequents with her family.

In one of the publications, she boasted of her natural beauty by posing without makeup and with wet hair from the sea; she wore a navy blue bathing suit.