Salma Hayek will turn 50 this year, and there’s pretty much no debating that she remains stunningly flawless.

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Of course, in one of those “celebrities – they’re just like us!” moments, Hayek revealed today that like anyone else on the “wrong” side of 29, she occasionally reflects on the ways in which her body has changed over the years.

Salma posted the above pH๏τo to Instagram today along with a moving caption about the joys of aging and motherhood:

“This was my waist before pregnancy,” Hayek wrote. “Now it’s not the same but my life is so much better.”

We would argue that in the eight years since she gave birth to daughter Valentina, Salma has rocked one of the most bangin’ post-baby bodies in existence, but hey, she’s the expert.

Although we’d like to take this opportunity to encourage her to post a present-day ʙικιɴι selfie. Not so that we can compare the two, just because a Salma Hayek ʙικιɴι pH๏τo is always a thing of beauty.

Hayek has gushed about pregnancy and motherhood in the past, often describing her relationship with her daughter as the richest and most fulfilling part of her life.

Salma has a knack for articulating obvious truths (We’ll forever love her for having the guts to be one of the few celebs to state flat-out that being rich is awesome.), and while we’re not surprised that she prefers being a mom to having a perfect waist, it’s still nice to hear her say it.