Rachel from “Friends” honestly shared the reason why she doesn’t have kids

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The well-known, successful and desirable actress has always been the center of the public’s close attention since many, especially her fans and photojournalists, frequently asked why the 53-year-old actress doesn’t have children.

The recent appearance of the outstanding movie diva on the cover of the magazine “Allure” revealed all the secrets of the iconic woman leaving every single one speechless.

For a relatively long period of time, people were more than sure that Jennifer decided to be childfree and the main reason for her breakup with Pitt was that she strongly refused to have any kids. Yet, the recent announcement of the Hollywood actress astonished everyone.

Aniston eventually admitted that she went through IVF, drank a lot of Chinese tea but all in vain since she couldn’t have kids and now it is simply too late.

However, many are wondering why she didn’t turn to the help of surrogacy. Years ago, there were some rumors claiming that the film star was in search of a surrogate mother whereas they were, perhaps, not entirely true.

The outstanding actress has already accepted her plight and currently she is happy not to ask herself such questions as “Maybe? May I? What if?” anymore.

The legendary star denied the fake information that the main reason for their breakup was her inability to have kids. According to the actress, the reasons were completely different.

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