Megan Fox lit up her most recent Instagram story, which was followed by a brand-new hairstyle that she created using 180 of her long, dark hair.

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Megan Fox appears more beautiful than ever! The 36-year-old actress stunned in a new steamy Instagram story that she posted to her profile on Friday, Jan. 27 while donning an orange string biкini.

She appeared to have red markings from cupping, an ancient complementary medicine technique that stimulates the skin and muscles, as she pulled up her bottoms to display her white manicure.

She revealed a new blonde bob hairstyle right after the swimsսit photo! The appearance is a sharp contrast to the black, long hair she had worn for several years.

Meg’s brand-new look on Instagram prompted some admirers to comment, “new year, new do,” but others saw she was in a trailer and speculated it might be a wig for a forthcoming shoot or part.

Along with the lighter shade, the mom-of-new three’s bangs were part of the sleek look. In a different quick video, she teased, “but can you guess why?” as she showed off a light in her lips.

The Transformers actress and Machine Gun Kelly have been engaged for just over two years. There have been persistent rumors that the couple has broken up, but she made it abundantly plain on Instagram that this is not the case.

The pendulum says you guys have the more nuanced levels of trolling, Megan said in her posts on January 28 with a picture of a framed collection of the couple’s photos. Images of various celebrities on the red carpet and a lovely picture were displayed in front of sage and rose petals. Following the post was a video of MGK holding a cute kitty while dressed in a green robe.

In a another post, Megan and a friend talked about love relationships, and the actress revealed she likes partners that are “dysfunctional” as well as “drama” and “poison.” Then her companion enquired, “Where can I locate a tall, tattooed billionaire?” That’s why I stay, Megan retorted, reiterating that she and MGK are still very much in a relationship and engaged.

The green robe came after the post.