At the pop music Awards, J Lo wears a prоvсаtivе lеotаrd with a trаnspаrеnt minisкirt sеe the pictures

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She won the ‘Bios’ trophy at the CCM Award Show on Monday, flaunting her amazing body in a sultry, vibrant green ensemble.

When you’re here, it’s simple to be greener! The artist, who is already not young, was impressed with a daring almond leotard and

transparent skirt with one lengthy sleeve concealing her left arm at the MTV Award Show on Monday. As she won the “Hot” trophy,

the Hustlers’ star flaunted the look – and that she was clearly overjoyed! “Her influence on modern media, endurance,

and continuous importance as a tour and radio presence with a passionate fan following worldwide,” according to the prize. J. Lois, is always the most beautiful guest of her 2006 song, “Get Up.”

She is a huge fan of depth styles, as well as reducing emissions! At Versace’s launch of the scheme,

the singer remembered her famed plunging-to-the-navel Gucci gown she donned to the 2000 Music Awards. When she fitted into the wilderness, flowing dress like a glove,

and strutted her stuff on the runway at the event, the stunning gal showed she was one hot mother in incredible form.

The garment drew a huge amount of attention the first go-in because it exposed so much skin (famously beginning to find photos), and it didn’t disappoint in 2019!