Are you considering getting a haircut this spring? You may also want to reconsider. It’s all about very long blonde hair during this year’s Awards.

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The 94th Awards Show had a lot of action, from just Will’s moment to BEYONCE’s ball concert to CODA winning Best Film.

The turmoil didn’t end there, though. At the Condé Fair Awards celebration, stars took it for themselves to carry on the themes of the day, providing a variety of face ensembles.

However, not all are bobs and short haircuts. In reality, very luscious locks were the most ferocious look during this year’s Awards.

Take KK, for instance, who paired a Givenchy late fall 22 dress with a massive wet-look hair. KENDAL, for example, wore her freshly reddish hair in an extremely long pony.

Adwoa Three(3, a model and actress, was yet another celebrity to sport the summer’s trendiest hairstyle, with XXL auburn extensions curled into curls.

Finally, Hunter Schaefer of Bliss went all siren with lengthy glossy locks for that just-emerged-from-the-water appearance.

Nowadays short hair is more stylish than short, but a lot of girls like themselves with short hair and they don’t want to even try raising their hear again, as they feel comfortable only with short hair.