The Marvel Cinematic Universe will soon present the long-awaited film to the public. The new part of the film “Wakanda” is released in theaters on November 10.

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Among the numerous actors of the film is the famous actress Scarlett Johansson, who played the role of the Black Widow character.

Esquire magazine has already called her twice in the last 7 years “the most desirable woman in the world.” Beauty and talent lifted Scarlett to the top of Hollywood.

A few months ago, the paparazzi photographed Johansson on the beach in the Hamptons, New York, USA.

She was in a red ʙικιɴι, which only emphasized all the advantages of the blonde.

Cosmopolitan highlighted the following:

“She clearly expresses love for herself and her body. Acceptance of oneself and one’s shortcomings is probably the most important and is a natural human characteristic”.

We can confidently say that Scarlett is the standard of beauty and sensuality in the film industry. She is currently known for her beauty and talent. Her outstanding size, her facial features and even her walk draw everyone’s attention at public events.

Every time Scarlett appears on the red carpet, the fans take their breath away. Her elegance and sophistication is manifested in her exquisite outfits.