Bethenny Frankel got used to amaze us with her gorgeous beach looks have a lok at ths one and you will see true beauty

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On Jul 26, B. Frankel, 51, was spotted wearing a paisley pattern 2-piece while on leisure in The Village on Brooklyn, Ny The retrospective Vanities of New York City star

appears to be strolling along the beaches in the photographs, which had been obtained either by Daily Telegraph and are accessible here, wearing a push-up swimsuit and matched skimpy panties with a bright colorful yellow, purple, pink, pink, and lavender theme.

She accessorized the colorful bikini with only a black pair of sunglasses, a blue bandana that she knotted under her face, and a white hard button-down blouse.

Her low bun of blonde hair was pulled up.

The developer of Skinny Girl released the amazing photographs on the same day that she shared a TikTok comments about how she keeps in shape.

“I frequently get this question.

So … I do not however work out,” she admitted. “I take action when I can. If I can, I’ll ski and if I can, I’ll surfer. I’ll stroll along the sand, but I’d rather sleep first.

The two most important things are getting enough sleep and being happy.

She continued by saying that all the while restricting, margaret was 20 inches taller in her 30s. He then referenced her book, Surprisingly Thin, it discusses her genuinely small figure.