It would seem that the 27-year-old British model Demi Rose has nothing to surprise her fans with.

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However, do not underestimate the fantasy of this incredibly spectacular girl – it is not for nothing that she is called the “British Kim Kardashian”.

The other day, a buxom celebrity published a series of breathtaking photos taken during a holiday in Egypt. Demi posed among the arches of an ancient temple, and her image really betrayed her resemblance to the goddess of temptation.

The model chose a vintage brа for the photo shoot, made of a golden rope twisted into a spiral, showered with rhinestones. It is noteworthy that this unusual bodice was created by the Ukrainian brand NUÉ. From underwear, the star decided not to wear anything else, she just casually tied a translucent pareo on her hips. The model added a chic image with a golden handbag and adorned her fingers with rings with stones.

“God can be in the details,” the seductress signed the photo.

In the comments, Demi’s fans seem to have staged a competition in the grace of compliments:

If Cleopatra looked like this, she would own Rome!

Demi! Goddess vibrations | God was definitely in the details when He sculpted you | APHRODITE | Amazingly beautiful!