Kate Upton is a popular model and actress who has graced the covers of numerous magazines. Also walked the runway for many prestigious fashion brands. Known for her beautiful figure and radiant beauty. Upton has become a style icon for many women around the world.

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She first gained widespread attention in 2011 when she was named Rookie of the Year in the Sports Illustrated Sw-imsuit Issue. Since then, she has appeared on numerous magazine covers.

In this selection of photos, Upton is seen rocking a variety of high-fashion looks that showcase her unique sense of style and trendsetting flair.

Street Style

Kate looks amazing in her street-style outfit.

She proves that you don’t have to be dressed in designer clothes to look beautiful and stylish and that sometimes the simplest outfits can be the chicest and most fashionable.

Catwalk Style

Her catwalk style is just beautiful.

Upton is a style icon who continues to inspire with her fashion choices on and off the runway.

Summer Style

When the weather heats up, Kate Upton knows how to beat the heat in style.

In this set of photos, Upton is seen rocking a variety of summer-ready looks that are perfect for the beach or the pool.