Sofia Vergara is a Colombian actress, model, and TV host. In the second half of the 1990s, she rose to fame as the host of two television programs in Spanish. She has been employed successfully in Hollywood since the 2000s.

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Along with her acting career, Sofia is a famous producer and model. Vergara has been trying to create a career for 24 years, and today she can confidently say that she has reached the goal.

Here are some interesting details about the actor’s life you might not be familiar of:

The first plan

After graduation, Sofia entered the University Of Colombia to study dentistry. Vergara had never given acting or modeling any thought until a scout asked her to take a picture one day when she was enjoying the beach with her family.

Sofia was filmed in a Pepsi commercial. Despite many offers, Vergara continued to study at the university for another 2 years. Finally, he realized that there was something bigger than dentistry ahead of him and he accepted the offers.

Young mother

At the age of 18, Sofia made the decision to get married in addition to pursuing a career in modeling. Her chosen school boyfriend was Jose Gonzalez. A year after the marriage, the couple had a son, Manolo. At the age of 20, Sofia decided to divorce and since then she has been raising Manolo alone. The boy decided to follow his mother’s path and connected his fate with acting.

Conquering Broadway

In parallel with filming the pilot version of ABC’s famous TV series Modern Family, Sofia decided to conquer Broadway and played an important debut role in the famous play Chicago.

Participating in a Broadway show was a great success for Sofia. In addition to this, the critics rated her performance quite well.


Since her appearance on Modern Family, criticism of Sofia has not stopped. They hated her looks, and her acting skills, but most of all they focused on her accent, which seemed fake to everyone. However, Sofia mentions more than once that she is from Colombia and speaks exactly as we understand it.


Sofia Vergara’s interests in business and management have always extended beyond her acting and modeling careers. The actress debuted a jewelry, apparel, furniture, and bedding collection under her own brand.

If you decide to purchase anything from Sofia’s furniture collection, look for Sofia at Rooms To Go, Vergara’s clothing line can be found at Kmart and jewelry at Kay Jewelers.

Defeating cancer

In 2000, Sofia was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. For a full year, the actor kept this information a secret. It makes sense that Sofia would not find the media coverage helpful at this trying time and that it would only add to her stress.

Wealth to success

Sofia saw that Latin American musicians in the US required a stronger presenter and representation before she became well-known. Sofia established the business Entertainment in 1994 alongside her manager, Louis Balaguer, for this reason.

Even after 26 years, Sofia Vergara’s company is the largest Latin American youth discovery company in the United States.

From 2013 through 2020, Sofia Vergara was the highest-paid female actor on American television.