The chеst is all sаgging! Sаlma should not have wօrn such a ոeckline 49-year-old actress struck a bold outfit.

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The London Evening Standard Theater Awards ceremony took place in the capital of Great Britain. The event was attended by Hollywood stars, including Salma Hayek,,, Gillian Anderson, and others.

Nicole Kidman, 48, won the Best Actress award, while James McAvoy, 36, won Best Actor.

For the red carpet, 49-year-old Hayek chose a white dress with a deep neckline from Alexander McQueen. Thanks to the frank outfit, the guests of the event were able to see the stretch marks on the chest of the actress.

For Salma Hayek, the image of a passionate and sultry brunette is firmly entrenched, from the mere sight of which the hearts of men begin to beat faster. However, even such a beauty as she could not avoid a fashionable failure.

Hollywood star in his 56 years decided on a bold act. Not every woman of the same age as the actress would agree to be naked in public, but Hayek did not miss this opportunity.

At one of the recent social events, the celebrity shone on the red carpet in a translucent floor-length dress. Surely the artist hoped that her image would deprive the audience of speechlessness. And so it happened, but we are hardly talking about delight.

Instead of a sexy figure, Hayek showed the public her short curb legs and hump back. Even a deep neckline could not save the situation, exposing all the charms of a Mexican woman who is unlikely to soon be able to wash herself off from such a shame.