In recent pictures, she is looking incredibly futuristic, flaunting her superb physique in a bright, space-centric style as she met supporters in Burns.

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It’s bringing in the spacecraft! Cyrus wore a vibrant mega lengthy jumpsuit with tiny shorts when she landed in Argentine recently.

The “We Simply can Not stop” singer wore her platinum hair down to one side and accessorized her multicolored,

hip-hugger ensemble with turquoise, futurist sunglasses, and dark gloves.

Miley then posed for photographs with admirers as she welcomed them in the queue, pouting her lips at the lens and posing.

She showed off more of her ensemble, which included dark clunky knee-high boots, while providing her followers the best experience.

The vocalist of “Night Sky” also demonstrated that the dress looked much better from the rear!

The music singer enjoys entertaining and being available to her ardent fans. Nevertheless, she appears to be enjoying spending ever more time with her partner, artist Max Moran do, 23, during her free time.

The “Battering Ram” diva proudly displayed her lean form in a classic black bikini while on vacation with the percussionist, as in the photographs below.

She eventually snuggled close to her lover, who dressed down in a light tank and high light for the occasion.